How To Construct Deals That Will Close with Pete Fortunato

with...  Pete Fortunato

Pete has a crammed as much info as he can into a one day event especially for TREIA. The topics he will cover are enormous. Make sure to register today.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Undisclosed Location
Pete has a crammed as much info as he can into a one day event especially for TREIA.

Here is a list of the topics Pete could cover.

Transaction Building
Recognizing Opportunity
Valuing the Components
Situations, Problems & Solutions
Distribution of Benefits
Using the Tax Code
Putting it All Together
Seller Financing
Closing Checklist
Standard Contracts & Agreements
Trust Agreements
Assignment of Contract
Purchase Money and Promissory Notes
Installment Sale Note
Mortgage Securing Note
Why Would Anyone Carry a Note?
Taking Title Subject To
Assignments of Notes & Mortgages
Price or Terms
Motivated Users
Pretender Lenders
Offers to Purchase
Equity Financing or Debt Financing? When You Have No Money
Investment Options and Tactical Options
Securing Options
Find a Motivated Seller
Lease Option and Lease Purchase Agreements
Financing In Disguise
Subject to Purchase Agreement
Opportunities are Found, Good Deals are Created!
Borrowing with Real Estate
Don’t Tell Me What You Won’t Do – Tell Me What You Will Do!
Modification Agreements
Case: I Don’t Have Other Collateral
0% Financing too expensive?
Negative Cash Flow – What’s In It for Me?
Residential Rental Contract
Capture Use & Income with Sandwich Leases
Owning An Unwanted House Can be Costly!
1031 Exchanges As Financing
Wraps – When Buying, Selling and Investing
Equity Participation Financing
Over Market Price and Still a Good Deal
Setting Up Deals Beyond the Deals
Using Other People’s Assets, Labor, Contacts + Credit Rental Agreement with Right to Sublease …
And much, much more!
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Date: Saturday, August 19, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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