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Saturday Seminar with Larry Harbolt

with... Larry Harbolt

Creative Financing - never walk into a bank again. Learn how to get all of your deals funded without borrowing money.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Virtual ONLINE Event

Larry Harbolt will share with you how to structure any type of creative deal using creative financing techniques only available to investors who know the inner-secrets used by successful investors everyday regardless of their own credit or financial situation. Once you hear what Larry has to share, having to get bank financing will be a thing of the past. Larry will share multiple deal structures to help you that even the most novice investor will be able to structure creative deals other investors wouldn’t have a clue how to do and will walk away simply because they don’t see the same opportunities as the trained eye you will have after Larry shares his experience and simple and easy to use ideas, strategies and techniques.

Let Larry show you how to create paychecks within a short period of time without ever having to step into a Bank and beg for a loan. He will show you how to make money in today’s market even if you personally have no money and less than good credit, and even if you are currently bankrupt. This information is timeless and will work in any market conditions, economic cycle and even in over-priced markets. Here is some of what you will learn.

pastedGraphic.pngHow to, eliminate risk in your life and the need for CASH while you are creating a $3,000 to $10,000 per month income stream without tenants. 

pastedGraphic.pngHow to attract only the most motivated sellers to call you. 

pastedGraphic.pngHow to, pre-screen seller’s so you can deal with only the cream of the crop. 

pastedGraphic.pngHow to make sure your repair costs never exceed your estimates. 

pastedGraphic.pngHow to, make quick cash on run-down houses without owning, hiring a contractor or doing any repairs. 

pastedGraphic.pngA step-by-step, connect-the-dots procedure to find, pre-screen, make offers on, and quickly sell low priced     

houses needing repairs. 

  • A step-by-step guide through the art of making an offer on a single family house

pastedGraphic.pngHow to attract a long list of cash customers eager to buy your junker properties you don’t want.

pastedGraphic.pngFour simple questions to ask each potential wholesale buyer so you can build a list of people ready to snap up every property you have. 

pastedGraphic.pngHow to, quickly estimate repairs so you can spend your time making offers, not wasting your time on unprofitable details. 

pastedGraphic.pngHow to fill out a purchase and sale agreement in any city or county in the United States to get more offers     accepted and eliminate resistance from sellers. 

pastedGraphic.pngHow to get the seller to put money into the deal and not charge you a penny for the service! 

pastedGraphic.pngHow to structure the financing so you can pass-on any house to your buyers list without qualifying them for a loan! 

pastedGraphic.pngHow constructing three, four or more separate offers on the same house, that will practically guarantee your deal will be accepted on your terms. 

pastedGraphic.pngHow to take advantage of a rarely used technique known as "split funding", and cut your cash outlay down to little or nothing on every deal you make utilizing this simple method. 

pastedGraphic.pngHow to use the wrap-around mortgage to buy and sell and why the wrap-around mortgage should be in every real estate entrepreneur's tool box. 

pastedGraphic.pngHow to get motivated sellers to call you with houses no other investors know how to buy with one little known secret. 

pastedGraphic.pngHow to, eliminate banks from your life forever so you'll never be at the mercy of a loan committee. 

pastedGraphic.png   How to create the most flexible financing terms with no personal liability.

pastedGraphic.pngHow to create immediate income, monthly cash flow, and a final payday all from the same deal! 

pastedGraphic_1.pngWhy the due-on-sale clause is the best thing that ever happened to real estate investors and why         

     conventional wisdom thinks it's the worst. 

pastedGraphic.pngLow-cost marketing techniques to attract motivated sellers to call you and pre-screening tools so you only    

     deal with the most motivated of the batch. 

pastedGraphic.pngThe critical question you need to ask every seller to get to their bottom line price instantly. 

pastedGraphic.pngHow to, attract dozens of motivated buyers who can't qualify at the bank, but are excellent prospects for your no qualifying financing. 

  • The most common mistakes all investors need to avoid when buying and selling. 
  • How to calculate the numbers of every deal so you never over-pay for any property.
  • The “8” Basic Buying Offers and how each offer works based on the sellers situation.
  • How to manipulate the parts of every offer to give the seller what they want while you get what you want other investors won’t be able to replicate
  • How to be able to structure dozens of ways to structure the perfect offer both you and the seller will eagerly accept.


Learn how to profit from real estate in ways you have never heard before. This will be two information packed zoom webinars like you have never experienced before with ideas only the seasoned investor would know they have kept secret for decades.


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Date:  Saturday, September 19, 2020
Time:  9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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