The TREIA Vendor Program has been picked apart, thrown out and started over and finally scrutinized line by line to offer the best opportunity for Vendors and Service providers to show just how they can help our members make more profit on deals they are doing and maybe do deals that they couldn’t have done in the past.  

And as a bonus, if you help us sign up for our Vendor Membership program you will get a FREE Year of Membership!


  • Listed as Vendor Member on TREIA Website
  • Rotating Banner Ad on TREIA website
  • Display business signage at General Meeting (frequency determined by number of vendors)
  • Business logo and info on PowerPoint Presentation during General Meeting networking
  • Booth at the TREIA Vendor Expo
  • Brochure included in new member packets
  • Name listed in Vendor Directory in TREIA newsletter
  • 1 free (individual) TREIA annual membership and all its perks


  • Same benefits as Bronze plus:
  • Vendor Table at monthly General Meeting
  • Featured in TREIA newsletter and/or online (frequency determined by number of vendors)
  • Free ad (business card size) in TREIA newsletter
  • Partnership TREIA membership (1 or 2 people) and all its perks


  • Same benefits as Bronze & Silver plus:
  • 1/4 page ad in TREIA newsletter
  • 2 minute “spotlight” at General meeting — (frequency determined by number of vendors)
  • Invitation to present at sub-group meetings with marketing privileges (ex. case study, tip of the month) (minimum of once per year based on number of vendors)
  • Sponsor meals/refreshments at meetings (additional cost)
  • Opportunity for giveaways in new member packets
  • Opportunity to sponsor TREIA workshops where you will be listed and advertised as the sponsor with an opportunity to give a “commercial” (additional cost)
  • TREIA Small Business membership (1 to 4 people) and all its perks

 To apply as a vendor please email for the application with the subject line Vendor Application