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Fix and Flip - Items To Be Aware of When Buying That House

*Any of these items could delay the sale or add to the rehab costs*

  • Near cemetery

  • Near railroad tracks

  • Near airport flightpaths

  • Near noisy highways

  • On a busy street with double yellow lines

  • Near power lines

  • Within two miles of smelling dump

  • Steep driveways

  • No garage

  • Very small bedrooms

  • Not functional room: pass through bedroom to get to another room

  • Terrible neighbors: drugs, multiple vehicles in yard, trash in yard

  • Located in commercial area

  • Less than two bathrooms or no location for second wash when rehabbed

  • Less than three bedrooms - 4 or 5 better!

  • Located in bad school district

  • Located in flood zones needing flood insurance

  • Smallest house of the largest house in the neighborhood

  • Multiple entry steps with 5 or more

  • Multiple building additions that look like additions (Maybe not building permitted)

  • Less than 1200sf - 1400 sf

  • Possible lead based paint if built before 1978

  • Possible aluminum electrical wiring if built around 1971

  • Water problems under crawlspace or in basement foundation walls

  • Asbestos

  • Mold

  • Flat roofs

  • Not lived in for more than one year

  • Electrical panel and wiring need upgrade

  • PCB "polybutylene" and/ or galvanized pipes for water supply and/or sewer drains

  • Driveways in the neighborhood: dirt, gravel, asphalt, concrete, none/ park on street

  • Neighbors have multiple junk vehicles parked in yard

  • Will your house be the best in the neighborhood after rehab

  • Are you over building

  • Low ceiling tile: Is it hiding anything

  • Major street cracks in foundation and/or brick veneer

  • Chimney pulling away from house

  • Soft/ spongy floors when walking on

  • Buried fuel/ heating tanks on property

  • Septic tank and seepage area needed inspection or improved

  • Has historic preservation design restrictions

  • Is neighborhood for rentals only

  • Located in rough/ depressed section of town

  • Non-conformity in planning and zoning

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