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New Investor Checklist - Kathryn E. Roberts Coaching


Identify Dates by Each Task for Tracking

  • Commit to your education - Set up a schedule and budget for meetings, reading time, podcasts

  • Determine your “Why” - What is it about Real Estate that excites you, what are your goals

  • Start to identify and lists your strengths and weaknesses as a Real Estate Investor (big picture vs detail, etc)

  • Start to build your Macro Power Team - Attorney, Accountant, Real Estate Agent, Banker, Like Minded Investors, Mentors

  • Choose a name for your real estate business

  • Find an accountant who is familiar with real estate investing to help you understand how RE income and different entity structures will impact your specific taxes

  • Choose an entity type and register your entity with the Secretary of State

  • Find an attorney who is familiar with real estate investing to produce your Operating Agreement

  • Brand your business - have business cards printed with your name, contact info and picture

  • Choose an initial strategy to focus on and do a deep dive in to

  • Choose a geographic location to focus on and become an expert in

  • Set up searches on Trulia or Zillow or with a realtor to receive listings in your chosen geographic area

  • Regularly read newspapers and professional journals focused on the area you are becoming an expert in

  • Begin to use and understand how to access and understand the information available on the county websites for your investment area

  • Begin building your credibility kit

  • Start to build your micro Power Team - Lenders, Contractor, Home Inspector, Painter, Plumber, Electrician,

  • Flooring Company, Landscaper, Demo and/or cleaning team

  • Identify your strengths and skills and what you can offer others when networking (connector, handy-person…)

  • Identify a potential mentor and initiate a relationship

  • Listen to and ask questions of lenders during networking sessions - start to recognize and be recognized

  • Begin marketing for deals (Direct Mail, Driving for Dollars, Courthouse Foreclosures, Wholesalers, MLS)

  • Develop your offer letters, have a script to talk to sellers

  • Educate yourself on rehab costs, contractor availability and area’s absorption rate

  • Do your Due Diligence on identified deals (Title Search, Visual Assessment, Systems Evaluation, Repair Costs, ARV-Comps)

  • Practice Estimating Costs and calculating MAO (Maximum Allowable Offer)

  • Practice Estimating Loan and Holding Costs

  • Do your first deal!!!!

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Kathryn E. Roberts, Real Estate Investing Coach

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