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Real Estate Dream Team - 1 of 4 Members -Accountant

Real Estate is not a solo event! Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced real estate investing, there are essential team members highly recommended to be on YOUR team for success. We continuously hear real estate investing is NOT about emotions, its about the numbers. If you are a whiz at numbers, bookkeeping and accounting may be something you can manage. Most of us heavily rely on the experts!

#1—An Accountant

If you don’t know where you stand financially, it’s hard to figure out what you need to do to make money. You’ll need an accountant or a book keeper—preferably with real estate know-how—to properly enter financials related to each property, including selling, buying, remodeling expenses and lending. If finances are managed in real time, reports allow investors manage the financial health of all properties to manage accordingly .They’ll also be invaluable come tax time. An accountant or a book keeper is a master with the numbers and can help you focus on other revenue generating activities for your growing real estate business!

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