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Real Estate Dream Team - 2 of 4 Members -Accountability partner or group

Real Estate is not a solo event! Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced real estate investing, there are essential team members highly recommended to be on YOUR team for success. In the corporate world, what cannot be measured cannot be improved. In our real estate investing world, an accountability partner or group helps establish goals, metrics and track success or evaluate updates to our investing road map.

#2—Accountability partner or group

Successful real estate investors have a peer—someone also looking to invest in real estate—to serve as an accountability partner. Find a person or real estate mastermind group to support you (and vice versa) and help you stay accountable to your real estate goals and strategy. Mastermind groups are another avenue for accountability. Measure, track and grow in your real estate investing journey!

Here's to our mutual real estate investing success!!







Pam Fisher

REI Cash Flow Formula

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