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Real Estate Dream Team – 3 of 4 Members - Attorney

Real Estate is not a solo event! Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced real estate investing, there are essential team members highly recommended to be on YOUR team for success. Attorneys help real estate investors navigate contracts, title searches, deed recordings and so much more.


Depending on the size of your operation, attorneys can be an in-house or outside role. You need good legal counsel to ensure your paperwork is accurate and filed correctly, manage title searches, review property boundaries (how would you know there may be questionable boundaries if not a surveyor), support eviction processes, and deflect potential lawsuits before they become issues. Legal counsel can review contracts you receive, create agreements, company documents and know your business if and when items arise to review in a timely manner.

Here’s to developing the real estate dream team – and our mutual success!







Pam Fisher

REI Cash Flow Formula

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