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Real Estate Dream Team – 4 of 4 Members - General Contractor

Real Estate investing is not a solo event! Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced real estate investing, there are essential team members highly recommended to be on YOUR team for success. General Contractors are essential to your team and can literally MAKE you or BREAK you (and your bank!).

#4—General Contractors

Hiring a licensed General Contractor (GC) is one of the smartest decisions you can make on a house remodeling project. An experienced General Contractor is someone well-versed in construction, look at the project with a detail oriented eye, help determine the scope of the project, provide material requirements, estimate costs and mange the project to completion. Depending on the level of services, a GC may do the work themselves, provide a crew they employee or manage sub-contractors for the job. Remember to take great care of your general contractor—pay them promptly and be clear with the scope of work as well as your expectations with both money and project timeline.

Here’s to developing the real estate dream team – educate, network, make things happen and here’s to our mutual investing success!

**Blog script revised from John Ford, The PrivateMoneyTeam, Real Estate Minute on YouTube.**







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