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What's Hot, What's Not - 2022 Color for Remodels and Rentals

Agreeable Gray - been there, done that, still using it?

Or have you moved back to tan, white or something different? Triangle Real Estate Investors who are members of TREIA, INC Facebook group shared they are using City Loft Gray, Wool Skein (if there are existing brown tones - cabinets, floors), Natural Linen (stop with the gray!) and First Star Gray. How about YOU - what are your preferences for colors?

As a person who is easily overwhelmed with design choices and hues (what color did you say you see in that tan again?), I am a remodeling nightmare, but I like to flip houses and get it done! I rely on other experts who are passionate about design and willing to share their tips and tricks for what's in style today. I also appreciate the 2022 Colors of the Year as reference points for the warmth and 'cozy' I feel, but the copy writers win the award for these descriptions, which bring the outside in to transition spaces into foggy locations, gardens and beaches. What are your preferences for color in 2022?

Evergreen Fog - Sherwin Williams - can you picture it with the pleasant description of 'soothing, subtle and a perfect to freshen up any space?

October Mist - Benjamin Moore - are you envisioning the garden with these words 'evocative of the stem of a flower, this gently shaded sage anchors and uplifts.'

Olive Sprig - PPG Paints - this site color description defines the color, ''midtone, neutral, lush green with an organic green undertone', with 'relaxed, but enticing green that emulates the feeling of soothing aloe vera or a fragrant plant – brightening any space with organic liveliness' listed as well.

Breezeway - Behr - their site describes the color as 'a relaxed and uplifting sea glass green expressing peace and tranquility for forward movement.'

The TREIA INC Facebook Group comments preferred the color Breezeway out of the 2022 options. Whether you stick with what's hot, or keep with the familiar of what's not, lets keep doing what we do well, real estate investing and connecting through TREIA INC, where networking, deals and education bring like minded folks together!







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